Yes, another grammarian!

Thank you, Daryl. My local writing chpt. refers to me as its “grammar guru”…not always a compliment, I fear “-)

Great job–one of my pet peeves, along with the “less/fewer” thing we see and hear so often. Not feeling so alone. I thank you for that, really, really. Cut-and-dried rule, no room for equivocation. Diane


3 thoughts on “Yes, another grammarian!

  1. Yikes! You are one of the people we run from–until we need editing, that is.

    I’m acquisitions editor for Oak Tree Press. We do have a romance line we are trying to build, but the publisher doesn’t seem to like historicals too much. I got one past her called “The Back of Beyond,” However, the publisher has the yearly contest going, deadline is July 31. Entry fee is $25. Not too many entries, if your manuscript is done, you could submit it. Winning means instant publishing contract. Take a look at our books: we are very proud of our covers and selections. However, like I said, we need to boost our Timeless Love imprint.

    Oh, learned about you from a comment made on Nancy Cohan’s website.

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